Psoriasis and Indigo naturalis

Psoriasis and Indigo naturalisPsoriasis is a serious skin ailment and not everyone can get relief from this painful disease through drugs. The people suffering from Psoriasis who have tried drugs have learnt that there are many natural cures available too. A natural product is available that can cure Psoriasis with its daily applications and it reduces itching by regulating the skin cell growth and has no side effects at all. The product is known is Emu oil. It is amazing oil that work wonders because of its amazing anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Emu oil is believed to show improvement in serious cases too. It helps in bringing your skin to its normal state by regenerating the healthy cells. It is available in fine particle size and in very easily absorbed by the skin deeply. Due to its deeper penetration, the regeneration of cells becomes an easy process. The oil is trans-dermal, anti bacterial, odorless and tasteless. In order to recover from Psoriasis all you need to do is clean off the affected area carefully and apply this natural oil to get visible results. There is something in this amazing oil that provides it’s a double whammy against Psoriasis. The herb indigo naturalis is very effective in treating when it is mixed with petroleum jelly and applied on one arm of the sufferer. The surveys and experiments conducted by scientists show that Indigo naturalis show positive results in 75% of the cases. To attain better results emu oil can be mixed with Indigo naturalis by replacing petroleum jelly. This combination helps in treating the disease and nourishes the skin as well. The combination is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and 43% of omega 9 fatty acids that works as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This helps in reducing the problem of itching and relieves the patient. Omega 7 acid has anti oxidant properties that help in promoting healthy tissue growth in the affected area. Emu oil forms a great combination for treating Psoriasis instead of petroleum jelly because there are many people who develop irritation by the use of petroleum jelly. Indigo naturalis is available at various health food outlets. If you are unable to get this natural herb at a nearby store then you can choose to buy it online. Internal consumption of this herb may subject the patient to gastrointestinal problems in the long term. Treating Psoriasis with indigo naturalis is an effective way which is cheap and does not has any side effects. It is a natural method and has shown better results than other chemical treatments. You can even get indigo in powdered form in the market. Emu oil on the other hand improves the efficiency of topical meditations by absorbing the creams deep into the skin and hence providing with great results. Make sure you research the market carefully to buy it in fresh and natural form. If you are unable to buy it at a local retail store then you can definitely buy it online from Chinese herbal stores.