Healing Psoriasis

Healing Psoriasis Psoriasis is a very painful disease for which no cure exists till date. The seriousness of the disease can be reduced by therapies. Psoriasis can be treated through traditional Chinese medicine following the selected therapies in Taiwan and China. Since many years psoriasis can be treated with the help of oral and topical herbal preparations. Indigo naturalis is one of the most popular and effective herbs that can treat psoriasis much faster than other chemical treatments available. This herb exhibits anti-inflammatory and anti-psoriatic properties. Indigo naturalis is cold in nature and salty in taste. When consumed it starts working on stomach, lungs and liver. This herb is very effective in clearing off the heat, detoxifying the blood, dissolve ecchymoses and cools down blood However, long term use of this herb results in adverse hepatic effects and irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Psoriasis is basically a condition of immune system that makes the skin to develop abnormalities. In this disease abnormal skin cells starts to appear on the body. The skin develops pink rashes, scales and bumps. There are so many people who are suffering from this painful disease. A patient may also find difficulty in performing his daily activities and taking rest. Some people also find relaxation through a hot shower bath. The itching of the skin is relieved once the person takes a hot bath. But most of the doctors do not approve of hot water showers frequently as it dries the skin of the sufferer and his condition is further worsened. Hot water can irritate the skin and may even increase the problem. A patient may also find some relief through the application of lotions, moisturizers and creams recommended by the dermatologist. Lotions moisturize the skin and provide cooling effect that gives relief to the patient. Indigo naturalis can also be used with a combination of petroleum jelly on the infected area to decrease the burning sensation. But there are many people who do not like to use petroleum jelly or are allergic to it. In such cases a patient can make use of emu oil with the herb to apply on the skin. Emu oil is also known for its curing properties against psoriasis. Thus combining both these natural herbs gives a better cure and helps in treating the disease more effectively and quickly. It is recommended not to use this combination for a prolonged time. Also avoid going out in sun and drying off the area completely. People going through stress and depression may feel acute pain and their condition may worsen further. So apart from taking a good and healthy diet a person also needs to keep himself relaxed and happy. In winters the condition is difficult to treat because the weather is dry and lacks humidity. The skin gets even drier. A patient of psoriasis must visit his doctor on regular basis in winters to keep the condition under control. The therapies are really helpful in curing psoriasis effectively and the condition of the patient can be considerably improved.