Antipsoriatic effects of indigo naturalis

Antipsoriatic effects of indigo naturalisIndigo naturalis is a traditional Chinese medicine which is popular for its medicinal properties. The plant is extracted from Strobilanthes formosanus Moore. It is a herb that is either used in dry powdered form or mass prepared from the stem or leaf of Baphicacanthus cusia (Ness), polygonum thinctorium Ait, Bremek. (Fam. Acanthaceae), indigotica Fort (Fam. Cruciferae), (Fam. polygonaceae) or Isatis. Another name for natural indigo is Qing Dai. With the advent of latest technology, new needs of nurses, physicians and other professional healthcare are evolving. Today there are so many medicines available that can cure several diseases. Today you can get good variety of over the counter medicines that can be used to cure different diseases. The effect of medicine on the disease and its side effect may differ from one medicine to another. Herbal medicines produce least amount of side effects and thus are more preferred by people. Herbal medicines are prepared from natural products and thus are able to provide the patient with natural cure and decrease the chances of acquiring any side effects. Most of the times when chemicals and medicine are not able to show any positive effects towards the disease then usually people turn towards herbal medicines. Indigo naturalis is also one of the herbal medicines that have been used since many years to cure various diseases. Indigo naturalis also shows anti-psoriatic effects in the systematic therapy. The plant is used to decrease the seriousness of the condition, decrease heat in the blood, remove toxic substances and help in relieving convulsions. Natural indigo shows effects on stomach, liver and lungs. This is a natural herb and detoxifies blood and removes harmful toxins and products present inside our body. The herb shows similar effects to Isatif leaf and must be consumed in not more than 1.5 to 3 grams. The herb is also helpful in lowering down high fever and purifying the blood. With regular intake of indigo naturalis a person is able to feel better inside as it reduces inflammation and helps in healing up various diseases that the body is suffering from. The medicine is also good to treat muscle spasm and reducing mild convulsions. Various surveys and experiments have shown that this herb is very helpful in treating psoriasis. According to a study listed in Archive of dermatology, 42 patients who were suffering from psoriasis were given indigo naturalis. These patients were suffering from the problem from last two years and found that the intake of indigo naturalis was far more effective in reducing the seriousness of the disease as compared to chemical substances. Indigo naturalis can be applied along with petroleum jelly or emu oil over the affected area. A person suffering from scaly skin feels relaxed after the application of indigo naturalis. Also patients suffering from eczema can experience within just 12 weeks of using this incredible herb. A topical ointment made of indigo naturalis can considerably reduce erythem and scaling. It is a great medicine which shows great results in treating several diseases.