Indigo Naturalis

Indigo NaturalisIndigo naturalis is a Chinese herb which is also known as Qing dai. This herb has curing properties towards Psoriasis. Indigo is the dried pigment of the plants including Indigofera tinctoria, Baphieacanthuscusia, Isatis tinctoria, Polygonum tinctorium and Isatis indigotica. The salty indigo naturalis has been used since many years in treatment of high fever, chronic myelogenous, eczema, vomiting blood, children epilepsy, nose bleeding, chronic myelogenous leukemia, mouth inflammation, sore throat, gum inflammation, tonsillitis, boils on tongue or in mouth, coughing, insect or snake bite, Psoriasis and inflammation of roots of teeth. It is an effective herb that is widely used in china and many other countries to cure several diseases. Indigo Naturalis is either used alone or with a combination of other herbs to cure many diseases. There have many cases in which indigo naturalis have been able to treat the disease whereas other chemical treatments have been a failure. Indigo naturalis can be taken orally but its prolonged use can produce liver or stomach related problems. Properties of indigo naturalis: Indigo naturalis is cold in nature and salty in taste. When consumed it starts working on stomach, lungs and liver. This herb is very effective in clearing off the heat, detoxifying the blood, dissolve ecchymoses and cools down blood. The functions of this herb are similar to Isatis leaf. It is very helpful in treating high fever and is excellent at purging the liver fire Salty in flavor, cold in nature; it acts on the liver, lung and stomach channels. This herb can clear away heat, detoxicating the blood, cool blood and dissolve ecchymoses. Its functions are similar to that of the Isatis leaf. So it is indicated for the syndromes of the warm and heat to treat convulsion and curing infantile convulsion. Effects:

• It helps in evading the excess of heat.

• It helps in detoxifying the body and removing the unwanted chemicals and toxins within.

• It also treats ecchymoses and removing the blood heat.

• It helps in curing convulsion.

Indigo naturalis is also known to treat patients suffering from the problem of Psoriasis. Psoriasis is a serious skin ailment and not everyone can get relief from this painful disease through drugs. The herb indigo naturalis is very effective in treating when it is mixed with petroleum jelly and applied on one arm of the sufferer. The surveys and experiments conducted by scientists show that Indigo naturalis show positive results in 75% of the cases. In case of this disease the medicine is applied on the body and not taken internally. The dosage of indigo naturalis may differ from one patient to another and also on the severity of his disease. The recommended dosage may vary from 1.5 g to 3 g. it is tough to dissolve the herb in water. It must be prepared in form of powder or pills for better results. Indigo naturalis can be purchased online and also at your local health departments.